Developing a Knowledge Organization Community Response to Post-Truth Issues

ISKO is the International Society for Knowledge Organization. At the Annual Conference of ISKO UK on September 12th, 2017 I will be joining ISKO’s Vice Chair – Stella Dextre Clarke, CILP’s CEO – Nick Poole, and Dr. Glenda Cooper – Lecturer at City University, London, to discuss how the Knowledge Organization (KO) community can develop a response to post-truth issues.

Session 5:  False narratives: developing a KO community response to post-truth issues
Location: Theatre        Chair: Stella Dextre Clarke

  • Dave Clarke:  Scoping out post-truth issues and how might KO help
  • Nick Poole:  Why ‘Facts Matter’ – evidence, trust and literacy in a post-truth world
  • Glenda Cooper: False News – a journalist’s perspective
  • Panel Discussion

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Presentation Slides

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